Courage, talent and a reason…

Anyone who switches careers to one of the creative professions, needs courage. After all, all investments in your current or past profession seem irrelevant. You simply start all over again. Although that is not stopping you at all. You just want to change your life. NOW. You have done enough for others. It’s your turn now. You need something that makes you happy, that challenges you to use your creativity. And that makes a difference for people.

Job loss, a burn-out, or a return to the labor process are often reasons to consider a career change. During the preparation, you may ask yourself:

  • golden success opportunityWhat am I interested in?
  • What is it that I read about all the time?
  • What is that I am talking about a lot the time?
  • What am I excited about?

The answer to these questions will guide you towards a good choice. I notice that some of my students who study color, style or image have been involved with color or clothing from an early age. They help friends to choose clothes while shopping. Or they sew clothing or create accessories themselves out of interest and pure joy.

It is also useful to think about what you intend with your new profession.

  • Do you envision yourself making a difference in your previous work environment?
  • Or would you prefer working with a different target audience; mothers, people who lost a lot of weight, men?
  • Or do you see a market for yourself combining your current and new work field?

Become an Image consultant

If you attend an image consultant training your will be trained to provide clothing, color and/or styling advice. You will also be able to help people build a powerful image. Image is all about (non-verbal) communication.


Yes, if you observe two people, even twins, you will find all kind of differences: external differences, but also differences in:


  • character
  • interest
  • choice of words
  • personal energy
  • voice
  • way of speaking
  • way of moving
  • etcetera

To what extent are you able you “read” these aspects of people? As an image consultant you are trained to notice and interpret the combination of signals. And to assess to what extent that communication is congruent. And which aspects would need to be adjusted in order to create a credible image.


It is hardly possible to assess and adjust your own non-verbal communication. People behave in patterns. Within a pattern you cannot see how you communicate. You need an external expert for that.

I am not talking about an expert who spent years on theoretical studies. Image Consultants are a different kind of expert. They have experience in observing someones appearance, behavior and communication. And find the gap between that and what the client wants.

People are constantly in transition. Someone who wants to grow to a higher position cannot rely on more professional knowledge only. A higher position also appeals to interpersonal behavior, empathy, leadership and other soft skills. That person has to work on his Personal Branding, which belongs to the field of the image consultant.

Now, don’t be confused. Not all image consultants focus on the same field and target audience. Where one Image consultant emphasizes the promotion of professional opportunities, the other is primarily concerned with making the world beautiful. The question is: Could you find a market for your personal approach?

Training yourself in a creative profession

A professional training in color, styling and image can be counted as one of the creative courses. An image or style must be created. It is important that that particular style matches the identity of the person.

The course appeals to your empathy, your focus to find solutions, and your insight into the various techniques. Image consulting is versatile. And because you always work with people, it remains exciting and inspiring.

It is very rewarding work. You really make a difference for people in how they present themselves to the world, by letting them discover things about themselves and by offering them options they probably would never think of.

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