• Color Expert Training


Color Expert Training with 2 systems:

1. Seasonal system (10 types) for working with groups and individuals.

2. Personalized system for in depth color advice: 50-60 color fabrics, perfect for your client.

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Start your new career in Color Analysis now…

Are you interested in the phenomenon of color and clothing? And do you see how color makes the world so much more beautiful and fun? Maybe you can’t wait to make a difference for people because you know it makes so much more possible for them.

Perhaps you have had color advice yourself, and you notice how that has changed your appearance and your life. Or you hear others talk about it, so you decided to learn more about this work.


  • You realize that you need special skills to be able to offer this professionally.
  • You are looking for a thorough education to do this work at a high level, not superficially as a trick, but as a real professional.
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Color Analysis Expert Training

If you are looking for an expert training in Color analysis, you are in the right place. Image Companion is a great partner for you if you want to master Color analysis. The Image Companion Color Expert training is a good place to start your journey as a color or image consultant.

The Color Analysis Expert Training takes approximately three months. It’s a fundamental and intensive course – there are no simple formulas that put people into standard groups. You develop an in-depth knowledge of color and its impact on people. You will learn how to turn what you see with your eyes and experience with your innate intuition into a unique advice.

The training gives you the opportunity to work in a very personal way from the very first start in your business.

  • You will learn how to work with the modern Essential Color system and high-end palettes. The system makes it possible to customize and refine palettes for each individual client. This way each color palette is unique while the system is still easy to work with.
  • You will learn how to align theory and intuition without having to worry about doing it right.
  • You will get thorough training and mentoring by the only Carla Mathis certified trainer in the Netherlands.
    The Masterset is part of the starter kit.

But also:

  • You will learn how to work with a seosonal system with 10 color groups. This system is especially suitable for rapid indication of the color type. For example, for demonstrations or for working with groups.
  • This system comes with a web application and compact color analysis materials; all included in the Starter kit.