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Would you like to help people develop their personal styles?

It’s quite easy to create a nice picture. Styling men and women, for their personal and professional life requires professional knowledge, techniques and an expert approach. Dressing people for the various occasions in their lives, matching their lifestyle and taste, is a complex task. If you want to do that well, you need thorough preparation.

Personal Stylist Training: The basis of Image development

zo kom je binnen | krachtige eerste indrukDo you have a natural sense of beauty? And would you love to develop yourself further in fashion trends or makeovers? Maybe you have a background in fashion or as a hairdresser, and you like the creative touch of working with people. Is personal styling a career that you would enjoy?


  • You notice that you lack the knowledge to help people in a professional way
  • You wonder if styling is really that important to turn it into your profession
  • You feel the need for a good and flexible approach so that you can start making an impact.

Maybe it’s time to follow your heart and start your professional education in order to get the fundamentals to make a profound difference for people with your advice. Not just for a photoshoot but in real life, where it matters most.

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start: February and September
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The Personal Stylist Training is created for those who want to give professional styling advice. The training is particularly suitable for stylists, hairdressers, fashion consultants, personal shoppers, fashion store owners, and a high priority for aspiring image consultants. The course provides you with the background and knowledge for working with customers with different needs and questions.

Developing Personal Styles, an interesting topic…

“Style” includes all aspects of your appearance and also how you express your personality.
You express the connection between your inside and outside through your personal style.
Style also includes camouflage techniques in order to create a desired projection of yourself.


  • styling principles
  • illusion dressing
  • silhouette
  • fit
  • proportion
  • necklines
  • personal styles
  • accessories
  • hairstyles
  • designs and texture
  • combine clothes
  • wardrobe development
    for men and women
The Elegant-method®
ISBN: 978-94-92123-00-8

After the completion of this program you are able to

  • Dress people in a way that fits their needs and lifestyle
  • Create a harmonious expression
  • Create unique outfits together with your client
  • Create a styling guide for your client with ease
  • Provide clothing, styling and wardrobe advice
Course schedule
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It is possible to follow the program on an individual basis, with personal guidance, tailored to your own pace. Course days by appointment so that everything fits well in your busy schedule.

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My name is Riet de Vlieger, the only certified image professional in the Netherlands. For the past 20 years, I have worked with thousands of women on their personal and professional presentation and creating a personal style is part of that process.

As an image professional, you are not busy just creating a nice look; you do what you can to put yourself in the position of your client and come up with solutions for the issues he/she has. With the knowledge and techniques you learn during the Personal Stylist Training you could give advice in any place. Your techniques are always with you wherever you go.

If you find this interesting, please schedule an appointment to get more information. Send me an email.

Riet de Vlieger, image consultant & trainer

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