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Is Image Consulting your future profession?

Help people develop their unique personal style?
Support professionals in having more success?


  • Do you realize that you need special skills to be able to offer this professionally?
  • Are you looking for a thorough education to do this work at a high level, not superficially as a trick, but as a professional?
  • Is there anything that stops you from developing yourself as an image consultant?

Consulting that’s based on gut feeling only is not professional, which is why you need a thorough education in image consulting to make your dreams come true.



For your Virtual Color Consultations

See if this profession is what you are looking for:

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How to become an Image Consultant

The first step in any profession is getting proper training. Train with an expert in the field: Color, styling, image, personal branding.
This training makes it possible for you as a creative woman to make a dream come true. You learn in-depth knowledge for a profession that you can practice anywhere in the world. Image Companion offers the following professional training programs:

Certificaat image consultant

  • Color Expert TRAINING with two systems:
    1. Seasonal system with 10 color types. You work with this system during consultations, workshops and fast color analyses
    2. The Essential Colors system, refined individual color advice, fine-tuned for each client.
  • De Personal Stylist Training. Learn how to help people overcome their issues by working on their appearance: fit,  personal style, outfit creation and wardrobe-management.
  • The Image & Communication Training.
    Help your corporate clients to grow their influence.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Sessions: Create your business plan in 10 working sessions.

If you register for the three main Courses: Color, Styling and Image & Communication at once, you will get a couple of bonuses and discounts. The complete Image Consultant Training is a program that you complete in appr. 9 months. If you ask yourself how to become an image consultant, this is the foundational program that prepares you to start your own business as an Image Professional right away.

You complete the Color and Personal Stylist modules by working with a model and to get your portfolio, that you develop during the training period, approved.

If your portfolio and the co