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Virtual services are here to stay

The 2020 pandemic has shown us that we’d better pivot and develop new services, that can be delivered online, virtually and digitally. Did you start developing new programs?

When I started teaching on Zoom in April 2020, my students experienced the problem that they could not meet with people to practice. I started thinking about short-term and also long-term solutions.
Virtual work will stay. It comes with major benefits: you can work with anyone around the world that you can communicate with. The border is no longer how far people are willing to travel. The border is made up according to the languages you speak. Or how big your language area is.

What had been developed in a simple version is now finalized as a Windows program.

Read on to learn more.

Riet de Vlieger, AICI CIP

It’s amazing to see that in this weirdest time, Riet came up with lots of digital solutions to help her students. This digital Color Analysis tool is one of the examples. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to use. Anyone with sufficient color analysis knowledge will be able to master it and serve their clients online.

Lu Cai
image consultant

Check out the OK-Tool for virtual color consultations

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Riet de Vlieger AICI CIP

Riet de Vlieger, AICI CIP

  • More than 20 years of experience

  • Image Consulting trainer for over 20 years

  • The only AICI Certified Image Professional in the Netherlands

  • Innovative thinker



Clients from all over the world

Work with anyone in your language area
Or anyone you can communicate with


Work from the comfort of your home office

No need to have your clients come over to you. No need to travel to your clients.


Work with innovative tools

Virtual color consultations are professionally done. Guide your clients through the process

4 seasons and 6 dominant color types

Summer – Winter – Spring – Autumn
Light – Dark – Cool – Warm – Clear – Muted


Compare before you decide

Step by step process. Select which steps you want to share with your client

Photo instructions for your client are included

Add the photo to the program once and start analysing right away

Video introduction

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Virtual Color Consultations
Fast & Easy

  • Step 1

    • Intake through a video connection
    • The client sends you digital photos
  • Step 2

    • Upload the most useful photo into the OK-Tool
    • Do a color analysis
    • Prepare the presentation for the client
  • Step 3

    • Schedule a virtual appointment with your client
    • Present the color analysis
    • Do the rest of the color consultation
    • Send your client his/her best colors (use your own digital or physical products*)
      *) Contact me if you need color palettes that fit the analysis of this tool

Celine Rohrer, Personal Shopper Stylist

User friendly and complete

There are several online color analysis tools available, but the OK-Tool is very user friendly, clear and versatile. Preparing the color consultation is fun, fast and easy. My client could easily see the differences.

What I appreciate is that the OK-Tool comes with instructions and ideas for client selfies and planning a Zoom meeting. It couldn’t be more complete and easy. I am very happy with this innovative tool.
Thanks for developing this.

Céline Rohrer
Personal Shopper Stylist

How you get the program

The OK-Tool is a Windows-program

  1. Download the Demo-version of the OK-Tool by clicking the Demo button
  2. Install the Demo-version to your Windows computer or laptop
    You can see how the tool works, but there is a limited functionality
  3. Click the Licence button to order your licence
    We will send you your licence key within 48 hours
  4. Add your licence key to the program, and you are up and running
OK Tool
Get the OK-Tool Demo
Order your Licence Key

Frequently Asked Questions

After the intake conversation, send your client a photo instruction. It describes how he/she can take a photo tha