• Image & Communications through non verbal techniques

Teach others how to create a powerful appearance

The Image & Communication Training is intended for those who want to provide professional consultations and help people to increase their influence and impact, and to overcome career-oriented issues.

This course teaches you how to help professionals to communicate in a congruent way through visible, auditory, tactile and verbal communication. You learn to observe in a nuanced and detailed way and to come up with good advice.

After completing this course you support clients in building their desired image. The development of an image is a process that requires time and attention to detail. At the end of this course, you can give consultations and workshops on business-related topics.

AICI CEU Accredited Program
Professional look

After completing this course: zakelijke stijl

  • You know exactly which aspects you should pay attention to in order to create a desired impression.
  • You know how to dress according to company dress codes of an occasion, and you can assist clients in choosing outfits within these business dress codes.
  • You can add aspects of non-verbal communication to your presentations and workshops.
  • You know the effects of visual, auditory and kinesthetic aspects of communication.