• Image & Communications through non verbal techniques

Teach others how to create a powerful appearance

The Image & Communication Training is intended for those who want to provide professional consultations and help people to increase their influence and impact, and to overcome career-oriented issues.

This course teaches you how to help professionals to communicate in a congruent way through visible, auditory, tactile and verbal communication. You learn to observe in a nuanced and detailed way and to come up with good advice.

After completing this course you support clients in building their desired image. The development of an image is a process that requires time and attention to detail. At the end of this course, you can give consultations and workshops on business-related topics.

AICI CEU Accredited Program
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November 2 and 16, 2021
virtual training on Zoom

After completing this course: zakelijke stijl

  • You know exactly which aspects you should pay attention to in order to create a desired impression.
  • You know how to dress according to company dress codes of an occasion, and you can assist clients in choosing outfits within these business dress codes.
  • You can add aspects of non-verbal communication to your presentations and workshops.
  • You know the effects of visual, auditory and kinesthetic aspects of communication.
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My name is Riet de Vlieger, certified image professional for over 12 years.

Imagine: a client comes to you. She has lost her job, completed  different education and is now entering a new industry. She asks for help to optimize her chances on the job market.

An issue like this goes beyond color, style, or presentation skills. This is an image issue. To be able to help customers like this in detail, you need to have the appropriate knowledge about dress codes and communication styles in the various industries. You learn about this in the Image & Communication Training.
This course is also interesting for career coaches.


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Riet de Vlieger, image consultant & trainer