When Covid-19 arrived my students in the color analysis course could not practice their techniques anymore. You simply don’t do color analysis very well at a distance of 1.5 meters. So I came up with a new plan and developed a brand new tool to be able to do a virtual color analysis.

The idea for the OK-Tool was born.

Colors in skin, hair and eyes are best seen when there is sufficient light of the right temperature (not yellow). It didn’t seem easy to achieve those good conditions for the screen. So it had to come up with a better plan. Maybe with a good photo it should work.

Color analysis via a photo?

It’s very easy nowadays to get photos. Everyone walks around with a camera in their purse. Every phone has one. But how do you ensure the right lighting, distance and angle? With a good description/instruction it should be possible to receive fairly good photos from a client.

That’s how I got started. In June 2020 I launched the first version of the program. In the meantime, I have had software developed that I will launch at the AICI Conference in June 2021. Here you get an impression of how it works.

Virtual Color Analysis – 10 Color Types

The OK-Tool is a Windows program that works on the basis of 10 color types. As a consultant, you determine the color type of the customer during your research: Is he/she a summer type, spring type, autumn type or winter type, or one of the in-between color types? Anyone who works with thh OK-Tool will notice that a color analysis on the screen is certainly a good option. Very nice.

The customer and the color analysis

The appointment with your customer itself is the best part of the whole process. During a Zoom session, you share the presentation. The client sees him/herself with all kinds of colors, just like in a live consultation. You take the client through the process step by step.

Afterwards you send the client the color palette or color card. Train your client the way you are used to do that. You just need to digitize your samples.

Learn more about the OK-Tool?

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