Does this look familiar?

One of your enthusiastic customers has a sister abroad. After the fantastic stories about the color analysis with you, that sister is also interested in a personal color analysis. However she does not want to wait until she is visiting you again. She asks you if you know a qualified collegue close to where she lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to help your client’s sister yourself?

Recently I introduced a new tool for image professionals: the OK Tool for Personal Color analysis across borders.

This tool allows you to help customers remotely. Sisters for example, but also busy professionals, for whom time is really an issue. They do not have to leave their home to have a color analysis done. They can just schedule it in their calendar in between other appointment. As just a moment for herself …

For Personal Color Analysis distance is no longer a factor

As long as someone can take pictures and start a zoom connection, it will work to do an online consultation. Just like with you in your studio, you do the work and your client can undergo the color analysis. Now not via the mirror but via the screen. It is a special experience.

personal color analysis

Sisters do not always live abroad.

They also live on the other side of the country. Their lives are busy and they are not always able to travel.

With the OK Tool you now have a suitable answer …

OK-Tool for personal color analysis
Celine Rohrer, Personal Shopper Stylist

User friendly and complete

There are several online color analysis tools available, but the OK-Tool is very user friendly, clear and versatile. Preparing the color consultation is fun, fast and easy. My client could easily see the differences.

What I appreciate is that the OK-Tool comes with instructions and ideas for client selfies and planning a Zoom meeting. More complete and easy is hardly possible. I am very happy with this innovative tool. Thanks for developing this.

Céline Rohrer
Personal Shopper Stylist