If you would like to become an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist, you will notice that there is a rich selection of courses available. There are courses in all shapes and price ranges: online, written, and live courses. Of course you could choose for a cheap course, but there is a chance that you will find out later that you have not learned much. That way a cheap course is expensive.

But choosing from so many different courses takes a lot of time …

The best moment was yesterday

Many of my students have had a career in a different field. But most of them dreamt for a long time that “someday” they wanted to do something that they absolutely LOVE. They are waiting for the right moment.
Often a big change is needed to get someone into action. For example, loosing their job, health issues, empty nest or a burnout. What are you waiting for? But as soon as you made the decision you face the question: how do you know that you choose a good education?

Orientation Webinar for those who want to become an Image Consultant

After I had countless conversations with people calling me for advices, I thought it would be smarter and more fun to hold a webinar on this topic. Because if you want to get trained, and really want to work as an Image Consultant, then it is best to participate in a course that matches your objectives.

But what should you pay attention to?

I have been working as an Image Consultant for over 20 years. I have an international certification in this field, as the only one in the Netherlands. I love to talk about my profession. In the orientation webinar I tell a number of stories from my experience, so that you can get a good picture of the profession.The webinar takes approximately 1 hour. In that hour you really gain information. You learn what the field of image consultant entails. And what you can expect from a course in Image Consulting.


What are the benefits of participating in the orientation webinar?

  • zoeken naar de beste opleidingYou get to know the 7 pitfalls when looking for a training in image consulting. And how you can prevent yourself from getting into those pitfalls.
  • You will find out how you can distinguish the different types of courses from each other. Very practical …
  • You gain insight into the pros and cons of:
      • online training
      • written training
      • live training

After exploring these topics, you can look for the training that suits you with confidence. Within your budget, your agenda, and your ambition.

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