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Are you interested in being visible and influential, or maybe even inspirational? Then you are in the right place. Supporting people in their Personal Branding and non-verbal communication is what I do.

I would love working with you.

Now, I am an international image consultant. My latest development is a method for digital color analysis. This method makes it possible that you and I work together, without being in the same place. You could be in a different country or continent, and we can still work together to empower your appearance, build your image, develop your personal brand. Let’s start with Color.

How does that work?

There are a few steps to this:

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After registration for your digital color consultation, you receive a link to the questionnaire and guidelines to have your headshots taken. Answer the questions and submit your photos, and we can schedule an appointment for our meeting on Zoom. This is the boring part….

Now it becomes interesting…

When we meet on Zoom I will share my research process with you. I’ll show you what are the best colors for you and how to use these colors in your outfits.

After our meeting I will send you a video about creating wonderful color combinations, that I hope will inspire you to stand out and shine.

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What clients say about the digital color consultation:

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Riet de Vlieger is my name.

I am a senior and AICI certified image consultant in Europe. It’s my mission to empower women and men to develop themselves, not only in professional skills, but also in the so-called “soft” skills and leadership, and reach their full potential. In the international world there are international rules to be followed. I would love to support you in that.

In the last 10 years I have served on the AICI International Board of Directors for many years. In two of these years I lead the organization as AICI International President. I worked with collegues from all over the world, where we had to bridge cultural differences.

If you would like to take the opportunity to do a digital color consultation with me, please book your session through the pink button on the right.

Are you interested in any other service, then please register for a free 30-minute strategic session with me through the butten below. Let’s talk about your challenges. You can trust that I will give you my honest advice, whether that is a process with me or not.

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Riet de Vlieger, digital color consultant
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